Why Outsource To Marketingo ?

QA Process - Agile Methodology - Value To Money !

Why Marketingo ?

An appropriate partner company for successful and goal-oriented outsourcing can be as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. However, here at Marketingo we provide a combination of western quality standards and management guidelines with Egyptian know-how and work ethic.

We always provide project management on location supported by bilingual employees so direct communication on operational level is ensured. Marketingo offers the valuable possibility to combine US-European quality with Egyptian costs.


We keep our quality assurance process simple, yet it proves to be effective to our clients because it is flexible to grow as we go from small to large projects. Our goal is to make sure you get the best quality by educating our employess about the importance of quality and its role in successful delivery of projects.

Checking on developer's work all the time, performing code reviews with advanced static analysis tools according to community and industry standards. Ensuring a pro-active communication channels between the teams and our clients of any progress and/or technical issues. We can engage your projects with your pre-set quality process and make our QA team ensure that it is followed as you request.


Marketingo has adoptd the Agile concepts since its inception, believing that being flexible to ever-changing business circumstances. Marketingo understands the customer’s requirements, proposition them with the solution and resources plan that would fit their needs and be ready to changes.


Even though that DVARIOUS rates are relatively appropriate, yet we care more about Value to Money. Our main objective is always good value to give our customers so they also pay us back with good recommendations!

Some Benefits Of Outsourcing:

  • Competitive price at no compromise approach.
  • Flexible project cost options - Fixed price OR hourly price.
  • Completion of project within given time frame and budget.
  • Transparent approach and long term relationship.
  • Ability to quickly understand your needs.
  • Save 50% on your outsourcing project cost.
  • Experience of communicating and working with global clients.
  • Technical excellence of our team of Egyptian talents.


Only a few companies have the temporal and personnel resources in order to reestablish, displace or expand new locations according to the aspects of the economic efficiency and specialization. Our core service is the Offshore Development Team, which you as a customer personally put together. You choose skills and number of employees, so your team suit your needs exactly. By Outsourcing the working processes to Marketingo, small and medium sized enterprises can realize respectable cost advantages and profits through a low wage level and high availability of qualified and motivated workforce.

You can outsource parts of your systems - Concentrate more on your core business One of the benefits of Outsourcing is that your organization will be free to concentrate on your core business. By Outsourcing all your non-core functions or event just parts of your systems/solutions your employees can be put to better use and you will be able to see a huge growth in your core business.